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When it comes to getting ready for that big event, MK Prom is your one-stop shop!
Not only great latest-style prom dresses, but a full range of evening wear and even bridesmaid dresses!

Your Prom Dress will be Unique!  Our exclusive school register ensures only one prom dress will be sold to the same school!

You are assured we will not sell the same style/colour you have chosen to the same event.

Our experienced seamstresses are well versed in making sure that your dress is exactly how you dreamed it would be. Come to us and chose over 100 dresses from our stockists and let the magic begin

-Neil Westerby, Owner

Tailored to your needs

The fit makes the difference!
Your prom dress or evening wear will fit you like a glove.
Our expert seamstresses make sure your dress will be perfect for you.

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